About Us

Frog Talk Web Design – Capturing Your Share Of The Web
At Frog Talk Web Design we speak your language… You’re looking for an affordable way to spread-the-word about your small business and provide them with the options and information that keep them coming back! That’s where we come in… We’ve been helping small businesses in New York’s Capital Region for over 10 years and we can help you too. We provide your business with simple and easy ways to capture your target audience and turn them into potential revenue. Print advertising is antiquated and stale, television is too expensive and boring, and Facebook leaves a huge gap in functionality and content your customers demand. Don’t get me wrong, it’s great to have “friends” and be “liked” – but your small business needs customers – not “fans.”
Search Engine Optimization – We Take The Job Seriously!
Search engine optimization is the process of increasing the visibility of your web page by search engines like: Google, Yahoo, Bing, AltaVista, and more – by the use of keywords, descriptions, sitemaps, and directory listings – all “unpaid” sources. We take this job very seriously and take the time to painstakingly create a plan that makes sense for your small business. Some web design companies sever ties with their clients once the “check” is cut, but that’s not fair to you or your customers. That’s why we continue to provide monthly maintenance the “background” to support our clients well after the site has been published – all for FREE. We regularly monitor our sites and perform detailed analysis to make sure your web ranking continues to climb over time
Affordable Solutions For You & Your Small Business
Customers “cost” money. That’s right… before you can reap the rewards of selling your products and services, you have to get potential customers in the door, on the phone, and online – and that costs money. But attracting new customers shouldn’t break the bank… and that’s where Frog Talk Web Design comes in. We provide both affordable site design and reliable web hosting. It’s the best of both worlds… Television is too expensive, print media is antiquated, and Facebook just isn’t enough! Compare us to the competition and you’ll see – we’re the right choice for your small business.
Features & Functionality That Keep Customers Coming Back
Existing on the “web” is easy – but attracting attention is hard. Customers – like you and your business – are always evolving. They are looking for the “features” and “functionality” that they need to make sense of your products and services. That’s something that your Facebook and Twitter simply can’t deliver on it’s own. We can deliver functionality that will keep your customers coming back. We create ties between your social media and networking sites, with your website, creating a powerful relationship. We incorporate newsletters, photo galleries, and much much more – making if easy for you to deliver content, and for your customers to receive it.